mobo mini

The Most Amazing and “Luxury” Trike For Your Kid

Adults who get to ride a tricycle almost squeal like a child in delight with the fun, comfort, and just how great it really is that most people would never get back to their bikes! Why not let your child have one to discover the trike at his fresh, young age and form part of his childhood days? Make dreams come true by giving your kid the best, smallest, most amazing Roll-to-Ride Luxury Three-Wheeled cruiser in the world – the Mobo Mini.

mobo mini
mobo mini


Regarded as the World’s Smallest Luxury Three Wheeled Cruiser, the trike features an ergonomic design which provides ultra comfort to any kid, who would probably complain or whine if they weren’t! It’s impressive tricycle steering system is comprised of the innovative handlebars and rear-wheel steering mechanism. The best riding experience is brought about by the high performance inflatable rubber front wheels and two rubber material, never-flat reliable rear tires that make up the tricycle. The fun, versatile ride promotes development of your child’s hand-eye coordination, yields increased arm and leg muscle strength, stimulates boundless imaginations, and allows expression of creativity by personalizing through custom decals.

mobo mini
mobo mini

There will be no worries of falling off and getting wounded in the knee, or any part of your child’s body then lots of crying afterwards. You can rest assured that your baby is completely secured on the sturdy frame which can fully accommodate kids between 30 – 45 inches tall with the capability to be adjusted. It has an added foot rest with grip surface and a snug-fitting seat belt that ensures your child’s safety and your peace of mind. The chainless chassis is an added safety feature as well.

A child normally outgrows his or her first bike only within the first year of acquiring it. The Mobo Mini will be there for you and your baby until toddler and kindergarten years. The build of the small tricycle is suitable for toddlers aged 2 1/2 years old. To the parent’s convenience, it still perfectly fits their child until they reach the age of 5. The trike can be relied on from allowing parents to utilize a push bar, implying parent-assisted pedaling, and eventually allowing their child independent supervised riding.


  • Sturdy and durable, reliable, high quality, world-class trike.
  • A child’s riding experience is made more fun, comfortable, safe and easy.
  • Extendable frame sticks with you and your child through multiple riding stages.
  • Useful accessories included, including the easily detachable push bar, non-slip foot rest, and seat belt harness.
  • Requires low maintenance compared to a bike with chains.
  • You and your child will always look forward to outdoor fun and quality bonding time.
  • The Mobo Mini trike paves the way for physical activity, healthy exercise, and you’ll both stay fit for years to come!


  • Some find it challenging to assemble, but no doubt, you’ll want to make sure everything is tight and secure for your child.


You get the best in style, design, performance, safety, encouragement towards learning, exercise, and an awesome riding experience, while the Mobo Mini Luxury Cruiser grows with your son or daughter. What more can a parent and child ask for? Your child’s first bike experience is turned into a wonderful and unforgettable, happy first ever trike experience!


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