My Lovely Little Photographer!

When his 9th birthday was fast approaching, I was wondering how I will make it special to him. The main headache was getting the perfect gift, which I should give my son. On previous birthdays, getting the perfect gift was an easy task that I would easily execute. This is because I used to assume that my son was still this laid-back kind of kid who would take anything thrown to him without much fuss. However, since his 8th birthday, he had started becoming choosy of many things. He would tell you off whenever you gave him something that he doesn’t like.

Kid-PhotographerAfter days of consulting with myself, an idea came into my mind. Of late, my son and I have clashed severally over the issue of my smartphone. Anytime that I leave it for some seconds, I would hear him moving from room to room and every corners of the house. He would be taking photographs of almost everything that his eyes lay on. Later on he would come and show me tens of photographs that he has taken only for me to realize that several incoming calls have been cancelled during the photo shoot session. That is when I got my kid a camera for his birthday.

He was very excited from that moment that he opened the opened the box and saw it. He started taking the shots of the party as his friends were enjoying themselves. Ever since that day, my son and his camera have been part and parcel of each other. It is always hanging down his neck and am the one to get it off when he has fallen asleep because he can’t leave it.

The camera itself has bright colors but has simple functionalists hence it is simple to use and is user friendly. Whenever they have a school event, he would go with it and in the evening come back with several photos. He also likes taking photographs of nature such as plants and animals and in order to keep records, i got my kid a photo album where he keeps his photographs.

Here’s one of the photo’s he’s taken from our last trip, tell me if it isn’t just amazing!

beauty of nature

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